We are Proud and Blessed to Support and Be a Member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  

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There are misunderstandings and/or rumors

going around, we would like to clear up.

    KRA has NOT "Retired", and has

        NOT "Closed"!!  

We are still timing some events...

For a Not-For-Profit it was too much to keep

up with 50+ events every year.

We had 3 sets of timing equipment, and not enough volunteers.    We kept one set for timing a few events each year!

NOTE!!   A few events WILL be Timed and personally serviced by KRA.  And, we will be increasing the opportunity for private run-coaching to individuals.  

{Contact:  Director@RunKRA.Org}

 “KRA has grown way beyond our imaginations!  And with it has come many blessings, but also very wearing on both me and my family. KRA was in need of even more volunteers that could not be found,” Bill Crane said.  

  By the way, from the sales of some of the equipment, KRA has also given back thousands of dollars to the community by giving it to the North Central Indiana Right-To-Life, Warsaw, IN.    Check out their website: nci4life.org/

KRA’s Director wants thank all of the local organizations that helped them become an association that helped charities raise both awareness and much needed funds to continue their work.  Some of the larger contributors were Resia Rinker of Lakeside Fitness; K-21 Health Foundation; Kosciusko Foundation with the REMC Roundup grants; and, Dr. Dane and Mary Louise Miller Foundation.  Tens of thousands of dollars have been raised by local charities the first four years of electronic timing.  But because of more events and getting larger each year that KRA timed, charities raised about a quarter of a million dollars each   year of the last three years.    “This has been the greatest blessing to all of the staff of KRA,” said Mary Crane.

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We have one more complete set of timing equipment to sell.  

Here are the details of the set we are selling:

This is an RFID HDD set of Timing  "Chips".   {Sale  Prices and pictures will be given privately to individuals interested in the equipment. Prices below are Original costs, just for you to see the value.  

               {Our Sale price is much less!  About  two-thirds less!}

​~  RFID Box and Blue Mat:   Original $12,500

~  RFID Chips w/ankle straps [About 700].  

Orig.  c. $3,000   {Computerized Re-usable Texas Inst. Timing Chips}

~  Large Time Clock:  Orig. c. $6,000

~  Secure Trailer:  Orig. New $3,200

​~  Hundred of Bibs, Finish-line Chute,  and other items.  {n/c}

           Serious inquires call 574.268.1007, or Email:  Director@RunKRA.org 

   ALL of the Above together is UNDER $9,000!!

The proceeds of this equipment will also benefit the North Central Right-To-Life here in Kosciusko County!

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  W e  STILL P r o v i d e. . . RACE MANAGEMENT:

          >  Clock & Timers


                >  Finish-line Arch


                           >  We provide PC Timer as an inexpensive method

                              >  Computerized Disposable Timing Tags

                                         >  "Announcer's Capabilities"  

                                                   >  Antennas ~ Side Readers instead of                                                                                                                          Mats 
to run over

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We use the ULTRA High Density Digital Tag timing system with Disposable tags.


Check our "Upcoming Events" and make it a "Favorite" on your computer!

Contact us for Costs...

Director@RunKRA.Org Or, Click on "Contact Us"


Note:  For any race management help, we must have a minimum of four months notice!  And, at least six months for a good date selection. 
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Expert Coaching:  For 5K's & up to Marathons 
*  Certified Techniques

              *  Walk or Run Events
                 *  Nutritional Helps
                     *  Train to compete in a
                         5 k or even a Marathon!


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See our MISSION STATEMENT in section "About Us"

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A Huge "Thank You" to our two main Supporters!!
~  Thank you, Resia, for the VAN!
Special thanks to Lakeside Fitness in Syracuse, IN

 The Rinker Family Foundation


The K-21 Health Foundation, Warsaw, IN

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"Do you know that those who run in a race all run... but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win. And everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control in all things. They then do it to receive a perishable wreath, but Christians an imperishable trophy ."
   ~The Apostle Paul

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Here are a few  great websites:  
For race results and wonderful helps. . .

                                             Check out our "UPCOMING EVENTS"!!!

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KRA is a "Not-for-Profit" Organization to help people to have healthier life-styles,
AND,  to help charitable organizations to raise much needed funding. *


* We are a 501(c)(3) Association.

Any donations, gifts, grants will be greatly appreciated

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Would you like  to learn the best way to train
for your events?  Stay strong & healthy with the
techniques the KRA Executive Director teaches.  
Check out our "About Us" Page & the "Coaching" section.

 Your body will say "thank you" for
treating it so well!!

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Contact us at~
Kosciusko Runners' Association
P.O. Box 572
Winona Lake, IN  46590-0572

 (Look on your phone and you will notice that "572" spells out KRA)


Or, simply click on  the "Contact Us" Tab!

Our certified Running Coach has taken several teams to Marathons around the world.  Contact: Director@RunKRA.Org for private coaching.

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Welcome to the KRA Website !!!

KRA  Motto:

"If you want to Gain Energy...
USE Energy.
If you want to 'Save' your Energy...
you WILL LOSE Energy!"
Get out for a Walk or Run!!

“To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice The Gift”                           

  ~Steve Prefontaine –International Track Star 

         KRA  Motto:
"If you want to Gain Energy...
USE Energy.
If you want to 'Save' your Energy...
you WILL LOSE Energy!"


Get out for a Walk or Run!!

​​​​​​​Kosciusko Runners' Association