~ Kosciusko Runners' Association was started to provide Events with materials and know-how!    If desire, we can time your Event with the Ultra High Density Digital (HDD) "Chip Timing System.
We have a couple of NEW timing possibilities: 
             >  We have the standard Chip on shoe or around ankle...
             >  We can also now do PC Timing without Computer chips, but with good 
                  accuracy & the same printing of results.               
             >  NEW:  We have another Newer  Disposable Tag Timing set!  These Tags are                                 attached to the backside of Bibs.
Primarily, we service an area within a 200 mile radius of Warsaw, Indiana.  However, we have timed events in Ohio, Michigan and Tennessee.  We have timed any distance from a 1 mile swim to an Ultra Marathon.  Even multiple distances at one event ~ 5k, 10k, half-marathon, marathon and an Ultra ~ all at the same time!
KRA will assist in your race structuring and set up.   We are able to help measure courses for USATF certification.

                        ~ Timing Pricing For 2018~    

Running, Swimming, Cycling Events for Charity # within 200 miles of Warsaw, IN

Using Disposable Tags on the Race Bib

Number of Runners                                                  Price*                           
1 - 100                                   $585                                      $585
101 - 500                               $585+                                    $585
501 - 600                               $595+                                    $595
601 - 800                               $650+                                    $750
801 - 1000                             $695+                                    Not Available
1001 to 2500   ~          Call for Pricing     

[The + sign means plus extra cost for each of the  Bibs & Electronic Tags over 100.  Presently, as of January 01, 2018, the price is .87 cents each.]

+ 87¢ Per Participant for Bib & Electronic Tag [Over 100].   All event Proceeds Must be for a 501(c)(3) ~ A Certified Charity.​

~Data Entry Services for all Race Day Registrants;

​​~Set-up of our Inflatable Finish-line arch,if available, Corral and Time Clock; ~Set-up of Electronic Tags Timing Gear at the Finish-line;
~Race Preliminary Results posted at your event site every few minutes; and ~Race results posted on the world wide web after your race. LIVE TIMING IS AVAILABLE!!

***Add $75 for Extra Event (Example: 5k & 10K)  

    Add $100. to the above pricing for events whose distance is Half-Marathon and $150 for longer than 13.1 (+Out-of-Pocket expense for staying overnight for long distance.)

~  Mileage charge for outside Kosciusko County.

(The Race Director is responsible for providing volunteers to hand out bib numbers and/or transponder  chips on race day. In addition, the Race Director must provide volunteers at the finish line to collect  reusable transponder chips unless disposable tags are used.).

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​​​​​​​Kosciusko Runners' Association  

 ~ Timing Pricing ~ 

About Us !



           The Mission of KRA is two fold:

      To help charities raise money for much needed
 community projects ~ That helps the Spirit, Mind & Body;
To have men & women, and boys & girls
 find walking and running as a health building experience!

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In 2018 KRA is placing an even greater
commitment to our neighbors & friends
to have an increased attitude for 
A Healthier Life-Style!

 "Contact Us"  
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                       ​                                             ~ COACHING ~
Another very important part of our Mission Statement is to provide expert coaching where it is truly desired.  We want to promote walking and running as a means of improving life-styles.  Running is a great stress reliever; it gives us MORE energy and we can move forward in many other areas of our lives.
Bill Crane is the founder of KRA, and has coached running and walking for the largest endurance training program in the world.  Crane was inducted into the Team-In-Training Hall of Fame.  He was certified under Dr. J. Daniels who is a contributing writer for Runner's World magazine and is proclaimed as "the world's greatest coach".
Mr. Crane has run over 25 marathons in 10 years... countless half-marathons... and many duathlons and tri-athlons.  He qualified for Boston at his 2nd marathon in Chicago, then ran Boston in 1997.  One month later he finished the Indy-Mini in the first 500 and took 7th in his age group of nearly 600 males.  He took 1st in his age group in the Dublin, Ireland marathon setting his PR, and finished in the overall top 5% in Honolulu's Marathon of 32,000 participants.
Presently, Bill sits on the Ride + Walk Advisory Committee in Kosciusko County, IN.  Check out the Website:   RideWalk.com

                                            ~ Supplements ~
Good athletes, and even the active walker, need to keep themselves healthy with supplements.  We have several trusted sources such as well recognized Pharmacists, and Drug & Health Food stores, as well as  health systems.
Mary Crane could do wellness consultations at no charge.  She has run many 5 & 10k races as well as several half-marathons.  She also ran marathons in Chicago;  Paris, France and San Diego, California.



KRA Stands behind these statements & belief in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord!  Therefore...
"...throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us."    -The Bible

  "Let us Run with perseverance the Race marked out for us..."  Hebrews 12 

​​​​​​           ~A SPECIAL "Thank You!". . .​ ~
For helping KRA with the purchase of the Ultra RFID timing system,  and a secure trailer!!

       K-21 Health Foundation

      The Rinker Family Foundation

      Dr. Dane & Mary Louise Miller Foundation


  A VERY SPECIAL "THANK YOU" for our new Van for handling our new  ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCY EQUIPMENT to~
            Resia Rinker and LakeSide Fitness,

                            Syracuse, IN

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I think you do a good job with the races you put on.  I plan on running more of them next year.
Betty N.

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KRA was fantastic!  Thanks so much for giving your great energy and know-how to The Great Ant Race .  Hope to work with you again!
Lori Keys
Executive Director
Aboit New Trails


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       If you have a Testimony or a Comment to        share about KRA,  click on the "Contact Us" Tab and tell us about it!